Grease Trap Cleaning Best Practice

In order for a grease trap system to work properly, it requires regular cleaning.  You could use a professional contractor to do this job for you, or you could save your business some money by tackling the task yourself if you have a small grease trap.  Here's a guide on how to clean out your grease trap. What you'll need pry bar notebook and pencil Environment Agency FOG report measuring stick small bucket scoop rubbish bags washing-up liquid steel wool How to do it Read More 

Top Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Home

Solar power is something that is continuously advancing due to the new technology that is being discovered. This means that it is possible to make your home more environmentally friendly by adopting a few new devices that are designed to be more efficient and rely on solar power. If you are looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient, it is time that you considered some of the solar power devices that provide power in a new way within your home. Read More 

Bush Regeneration: Three Methods to Consider for Your Project

Bush regeneration is the restoration of a natural area that has been degraded by weeds and other human activities. This process involves ecological restoration of the native conditions of the current remnant vegetation areas. The project will require minimisation of the negative ground disturbances such as soil erosion and alien weeds. In simple terms, the regeneration attempts to enhance and protect the biodiversity by ensuring that the environmental conditions are suitable for plant growth. Read More 

Repertoire of Services You Can Get From an Arborist

When most people think of an arborist, the main service that comes to mind is tree removal. However, these professional are adept at a variety of skills. A professionally certified arborist will perform a myriad of tasks aimed at tree preservation. Additionally, their professional expertise comes in handy when you need to relocate or eliminate a tree. Not only are they familiar with the needs of your tree, but they also know what ecological landscape suits which types of species and much more. Read More 

Urban Planning Tools | Ways Cities Can Battle Climate Change

One of the major catastrophes that has befallen the planet is climate change. Global warming has become more prominent now, and it has a number of effects. Waters are rising higher in the seas and oceans, and super storms are popping up more often. The urban populace is one of the most affected entities, so cities and towns have a lot to do in regards to battling this menace. And it's not only the municipalities and city leaders that are involved in bringing forth a better city through urban planning; even the residents have a part to play. Read More