Troubleshooting Your Pool’s Solar Heater

For the lovers of swimming, doing it all year round would be the perfect scenario. Other than being a sport and a hobby, swimming is good for your physical fitness. If you love swimming at your convenience, installing a solar heater for your pool is the wisest action to take. However, using a solar pool heater may bring about a number of problems. Here are a couple tips to help you troubleshoot the most common problems.


If your pool's solar heater has a water as its heat transfer fluid, chances are it might freeze whenever the temperatures fall, making it brittle and inefficient. Freeze damages are expensive to repair as you might need to replace the heater. Prevent freezing by using an anti-freezing solution such as ethylene glycol as the heat transfer liquid. These liquids have a maintained antifreeze concentration that offers effective protection to your system. However, they are usually pressurized and can harm you. Call in a professional to check and replace the fluid. Alternatively, manually drain the collectors anytime the temperatures drop, and you suspect freezing could occur.


A noisy heater will rudely interrupt your comfort. When your pool's solar heater is making unusual noises, it could mean that it is still operating even after you switched off the pump. This would be as a result of a faulty pressure switch. Check the switch and replace it immediately.

Alternatively, check the system horses and filters for blockages, since accumulated debris can cause the heater to make whining noises. Clean the system by backflushing the filter.

Inadequate heating

If your pool is not warming to your desired temperatures, then the heater could be shutting off immediately you turn it on. Check the filter and clean any debris since this could be the result of a dirty filter. Remember, a dirty filter will prevent the heater from firing. Additionally, ensure the systems valves are correctly turned to go through the heater.

Perhaps the timer needs to run for a longer period of time for your pool to heat properly. Reset the timer to a higher time limit.

Noticeably, a small heater will not heat your pool properly. Therefore ensure you use the right sized heater, and if it is small replace it with a bigger one.

In conclusion, if you have done all you could and your solar heater won't still function well, call in a professional and avoid the safety hazards that come with a malfunctioning pool heater. Don't forget to turn off the heater until the technician arrives.