When Does a Business Owner Need an Environmental Consultant, and Why?

An environmental consultant is a professional who studies the land and environment, and especially as it's affected by local regulations and the need for compliance. They also study the impact of businesses, homes, and the like on their surrounding environments. If you're a business owner, you may need to hire an environmental consultant at one time or another; note when and why it may be good to call on them and how they can assist your business.

1. Cleaning up a contaminated site

After any type of spill or contamination, it's good to call an environmental consultant to note the best way of cleanup in order to preserve the environment and ensure the site is cleaned thoroughly. The consultant can note the level of damage before cleanup begins and how to address it so that cleaning doesn't harm wildlife or native vegetation, and then can also inspect the site during and after cleanup. This will ensure the work is progressing properly and that the environment is safe and again compliant after cleanup work is over.

2. If you want to reduce emissions, pollution, and the like from your facility

An environmental consultant doesn't just study how the environment is affected by pollution, but is also very well-versed in what causes pollution and how to reduce it. They may be able to thoroughly inspect your facility and all your production processes and note where you might reduce emissions from smelting processes or smokestacks. They may note if you can install solar panels so that you use less electricity from your city power supply and, in turn, are responsible for fewer emissions produced by power plants. If you're concerned at all about your company's "carbon footprint," an environmental consultant is the right place to start for advice and suggestions. 

3. Before buying industrial property

If you're looking to buy property in an industrial complex or that was used by an industrial facility of any sort, you might have an environmental consultant run tests on the soil, water, and even the air. The site may need cleanup before you build or move in, and you may be responsible for cleanup efforts after you buy the property even if you're not responsible for the pollution and damage done. An ecological consultant can tell you if the property is safe for your workers and staff or if you'll be facing cleanup, as well as the scope of cleanup needed.