How to Clean Your UV Air Purifier

Ultraviolet air purifiers work toward ensuring the air in your home is clean. They accomplish this by prohibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms on the surfaces of your air ducts. These microorganisms tend to grow on the ducts of both your heating system as well as your cooling system. Having a UV air purifier sterilizes these ducts by using intense light coupled with germicidal proponents. Once you have installed the UV air purifier, all you need to do is clean it once in a while as a form of maintenance. Here are a few tips on going about cleaning your ultraviolet air purifier.

Disconnect the UV air purifier from its power source

The first step in cleaning the UV light air purifier is to ensure that the heating system and the cooling system have been disconnected from the power source. You could do this by either switching it off from the electrical box or using the emergency switch that is found at the furnace. Once it has been disconnected from the power, you will have to unplug your UV air purifier and let it cool down for about twenty minutes.

Remove the internal bulb to clean it

The next step is to turn the lamp handle so that you can extract the bulb. Ensure that you turn the handle in an anticlockwise motion. Then get a soft cloth that you will dampen with glass cleaner. Use the damp soft cloth to gently wipe the glass of the lamp. Try your best not to touch any parts of the glass with your bare hands, as these will leave fingerprints as well as oils on it. If you do end up touching the glass, make sure you wipe the smudges off with the damp soft cloth. You should then proceed to clean off the dust that has accumulated between the base of the black bulb and the UV air purifier light indicator. Fetch a clean dry cloth so that you can wipe the whole thing once more to remove any dampness.

Re-insert the cleaned bulb back into the purifier

You can now put the bulb back into the UV air purifier. You should do this by setting the lamp indicator in the appropriate position that will enable you to push back the bulb into its position. Remember to rotate the bulb in a clockwise motion while inserting it. You should then snap then handle of the lamp into place by turning it clockwise. Ensure that the light indicator of the air purifier is aligned with the button on the UV air purifier's unit. You can now switch back on your air ventilation systems.

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