Repertoire of Services You Can Get From an Arborist

When most people think of an arborist, the main service that comes to mind is tree removal. However, these professional are adept at a variety of skills. A professionally certified arborist will perform a myriad of tasks aimed at tree preservation. Additionally, their professional expertise comes in handy when you need to relocate or eliminate a tree. Not only are they familiar with the needs of your tree, but they also know what ecological landscape suits which types of species and much more. Here are some of the services that you can get from an arborist.

Canopy raising of tress

Canopy raising refers to the process of eliminating limbs that are low hanging. There are various reasons why you may need this service. For instance, numerous low hanging limbs will impede the penetration of sunlight. This in turn can cause the plants growing beneath the tree to start withering. Through canopy raising, the arborist increases the amount of natural sunlight filtering through, thus ensuring all plants adjacent to the tree are thriving. Another reason you may need canopy raising is to increase the headroom beneath a tree. Low hanging limbs can cause risk of injury to people walking under the tree or children playing beneath it. It should be noted that canopy raising should only be performed by a professional, as this will ensure the limbs are removed in a manner in which properly healing of the stumps will be possible.

Directional shaping of trees

Directional shaping of trees, also referred to as tree sculpting, can be performed for both functional as well as aesthetic reasons. If you have numerous trees in your yard, you can opt for directional shaping to enhance the curb appeal of your residence. An arborist can sculpt the shrubbery into various shapes and forms depending on your preferences. In addition to this, directional shaping can be performed to curb the growth of a tree. Over extended tree limbs can cause damage to electricity lines, glass windowpanes and more. Through directional shaping, you maintain the majesty of the tree without having to randomly hack away at extended branches.

Stump removal of dead trees

Stump removal is a delicate process that needs to be performed by a professional arborist. There are a number of reasons for this. Improper stump removal could lead to damage to the surrounding landscape and this would require additional professional services to rectify your yard. Secondly, improper stump removal increases the risk of pest infestations as they could begin breeding in the decaying parts of the stump left behind. By enlisting the services of an arborist, not only is there minimal impact to your yard, but you can be assured the stump will be eliminated in its entirety.