Four Signs You Should Choose a Domestic Treatment Plant Over a Septic Tank

Traditionally, if your home's plumbing wasn't connected to a main sewer line, you needed to install a septic tank, but now, you also have the option of installing a domestic treatment plant from a company like Econocycle. There are pros and cons to both options, but here's a look at four signs you may prefer a domestic treatment plant: 1. You have rocky and unyielding ground on your property. Read More 

The 6 Primary Types of Australian Fire Extinguishers and Their Specialties

In Australia, there are 6 main types of fire extinguishers, each with a specialized design and use. Each of these fire extinguisher types is distinguishable from another by two main differences, their colour, and the small text printed upon them. In an emergency, would you rather waste precious seconds reading the small text on a fire extinguisher, trying to figure out what in particular the fire extinguisher is best used for, or save time by knowing all of that information as soon as you see a fire extinguisher, due to your previous memorization of the Australian fire extinguisher colour-coding? Read More