When You Should Replace Your Window Unit with a Central AC System

Some homeowners are unsure about when they should replace their window AC units with central air conditioning systems. This article discusses some factors that you may base upon to make the switch from window AC units to central air conditioning.

The Condition of the Window Unit

Chances are high that the window unit in the older home that you bought is outdated. Such an outdated unit may be consuming a lot of energy when compared with AC units manufactured recently. Read the manual of the window unit (if it is available) and find out its energy rating. Use the website of the manufacturer of that unit to find out the energy rating of that make and model of window unit in case you cannot find the manual. If the energy efficiency rating is low, switch to central air conditioning so that you reduce your monthly energy bill.

The Number of Window Units Installed

Window air conditioning units can be a good option if you would like to heat or cool a tightly sealed space, such as a single room. However, any savings that you make on each unit are likely to be wiped out if you need several window units to be installed in different parts of your home. This is because the combined cost of buying the individual units may surpass the cost of installing central air conditioning in the home. Secondly, the operating cost of running those different units is very high. For example, each unit has a condenser that draws energy so that it can work. Central air conditioning has a single condenser to provide conditioned air to the entire home. Besides, more components may translate into higher maintenance costs. This is because you will buy more replacement parts in comparison to another home that has central air conditioning.

The Humidity in Your Home

Window AC units may not be very good at regulating humidity within the home. This is because the unit may not be able to recirculate the air in large rooms efficiently. Consequently, your home may be susceptible to the growth of mould. Replace your window unit with a central AC system if you notice that there is a higher level of humidity than you are comfortable with.

Engage a professional like West Air Conditioning to help you to choose the correct size of a central AC unit so that you do not pay the price of a wrong sized unit (such as frequent component failures due to rapid start/stop cycles in an oversized unit).