How to Package Asbestos for Disposal

Each jurisdiction has specific guidelines that must be followed when packaging asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACM). However, those different guidelines all aim to prevent the asbestos from becoming friable (particles becoming airborne). This article discusses some ways through which different types of asbestos materials found in your home can be packaged for safe disposal.

Asbestos Sheets

Keep the asbestos sheets (such as asbestos tiles) wet as you get ready to package them for disposal. You can keep them wet by frequently pouring water on them. Limit breaking or cutting the sheets because this can free asbestos particles. Get double polythene sheets and place them in the cargo section of the vehicle that you intend to use to transport the materials. Place the asbestos sheets carefully onto the polythene. Wrap the asbestos in the polythene sheets and use adhesive tape to seal the package. Make sure that each package is small enough to be lifted easily by one or two people. Label each package using an approved asbestos warning sign.

Asbestos Dust

Two ways can be used to package asbestos dust. First, it can be wetted to form slurry. The slurry should be discharged into drums. The lids of the drums should then be secured onto the drums using a bolt, screws or any other device. Chemical coagulants can also be used to remove the solids from the slurry. Those extracted solids should be placed in containers that can be sealed tight.

The second way is to package the asbestos dust without turning it into slurry. The dust should be discharged directly into double plastic bags from the extraction system (such as a vacuum system). The bags should not exceed the weight limit set by the authorities in your area. Each asbestos slurry or dust container should have an approved warning sign.

Contaminated Soil

Soil containing asbestos should be made wet prior to packaging. Place the wet soil in an appropriate container (such as a drum if it is a small volume of soil). The container should have the recommended asbestos warning label before it is transferred to the vehicle that will take it to a disposal centre.

You should note that you will be expected to adhere to various requirements (such as payment of applicable fees) in order to dispose of the asbestos from your property. It is advisable for you to contact the authorities in your area so that you are aware of all the applicable procedures and rules before you dispose of any asbestos found in your home. Alternatively, you can hire an asbestos disposal company, such as Total Asbestos Services,  to handle the entire disposal process.