Landscaping Supplies That Protect Your Property’s Soil

Protecting your property's soil is very important when it comes to the overall health of your landscaping and garden. Those plants get moisture and all the nutrients they need for growth from the soil, and if your property suffers from soil erosion or runoff, all your plantings will also suffer. You don't always need to pay for an expensive retaining wall or to have your property graded and sloped in order to protect it from soil erosion and from drying out, as a few simple landscaping supplies may do the trick for you. Note a few suggestions.

1. Matting

Matting is typically made from woven wood fibers; the long pieces of matting will have holes through which plants can grow, but the fibers keep moisture and soil in place. You can place matting on the top of the soil and tamp it into place, or bury it just under the topsoil so it's invisible. Matting is biodegradable, so it's safe for the soil but it then needs to be replaced as it eventually breaks down.

2. Deep edging

The edging you place around a landscape feature can give it a very eye-catching appeal, but deep edging also helps to keep moisture in place. Look for rubber edging that you bury slightly in the ground as this will keep the topsoil from simply crumbling away and will also hold moisture and hydration in one spot. If you prefer the look of brick or stone for edging, dig up a sight trench and bury a layer of bricks or rocks under the edging so that it acts as a barrier for moisture and topsoil. Look for edging or retaining blocks from your landscape supply store as these will work best to keep moisture in the soil.

3. Ornamental grasses

You may find ornamental grasses sold where you buy your landscaping supplies, and these can help to keep moisture in place. Some grasses are called clump-forming, meaning they keep the soil clumped together with their roots. Others may be annual grasses that are planted in order to keep soil healthy while perennial grasses take root. 

You can typically buy ornamental grass seeds or purchase turf grass carpeting, which is grass that has already grown in a layer of soil and which is placed over your property's soil. If you opt for seeds, note that these types of grasses germinate very quickly so they readily keep soil moist and healthy and protect it from erosion.