3 Ways to Benefit Your Community and Advertise Your Business with Cheap Skip Bins

Cheap skip bins are usually something that people think of as a way to help remove debris and waste from a remodeling project or renovation. You may not think of them as a way to promote your business while helping your community. If you need to get the word out about your business, especially construction or remodeling businesses, then here are three ways to consider using cheap skip bins.

Community Clean Up Endeavors

Even with local garbage and waste removal services, there are still items that community residents may need to dispose of. For example, large appliances and yard debris are generally not picked up by normal waste removal services. This leaves the resident trying to find a way to dispose of the item to clear space in their home or storage area. Your business can arrange a community clean up week with the local city council and offer to hire cheap skip bins as a way for residents to dump these unwanted items. You can also place your business name on the signs announcing the community clean up.

Humanitarian Home Building Projects

There are organizations that offer to build homes for low income families as a form of charity. These home building projects need not only strong and capable contractors, but also cheap skip bins to collect and remove the building debris and waste. If your company is not able to participate in the actual construction portion of events, you may be able to offer cheap skip bins to help. Your name can be added to a contribution list, announcing the skip bins were provided by you. This not only shows your support for the organization and their efforts, but it also advertises your company name.

Church Renovation Projects

Many times when a church decides to renovate their buildings, they do so through donations made by parishioners and members of the community. If you find that a local church is starting a renovation project, offer to help by providing the cheap skip bins for the waste removal. This lowers their cost, allows them to put more of the donations back into the church renovations, and shows that your business supports local community efforts through donations and charity.

These are just three of the ways your business can help your community while advertising your business through the use of cheap skip bins. If you are ready to help, begin contacting cheap skip bin hires in your area for pricing and availability.